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An Apple A Day

My husband has graciously promised not to give me any more medical advise that he is not legally qualified to give.  Which is nothing, actually.

So that road rash I mentioned?  Still here.  Only now it’s infected and getting “out of control”, according to my doctor.  

Since Cody rated my scrape as a 3/10, I didn’t think too much of it.  When it didn’t really close after a few days, I thought – meh.  Might be deeper than I thought.  Then when it started to get a yellow tinge and my nurse friend looked grossed out, I thought I should see a doctor.  Dr. Cody, however, told me that this was how scabs formed.  I listened to him, and then all of a sudden, there’s more crap coming out of this thing, it’s red and angry and getting some kind of hard bump under it.  Time to see a real doctor!

I will be on some antibiotics for the next 7 days.  Oh joy.  

I am diabetic.  Which means, unfortunately for me, the circulation in my limbs is not that great – or at least something to be watchful for.  With poor circulation comes the bad luck of things not healing quickly or how they should.  Well, I don’t want gangrene   I don’t want my leg amputated under the knee at the ripe age of 29.

I didn’t expect any of this when I went rollerblading with Cody.  If I had known I’d have nasty yellow pus oozing from a wound, I’d had opted to get my bike out of storage instead of purchasing the rollerblades.  

Once again, I should have bought the knee pads.  What a disgusting, drawn out lesson to learn.



Caution: The Ground is Closer Than You Think

Such a beautiful weekend!  Why not take advantage of the weather and put those Rollerblades to use for the first time?  Well, the first time outside and in front of someone other than my husband.

Cody used to use his in-line skates to get everywhere.  He didn’t have a bike, so he skated here and skated there.  He’s good.  Me, not so much.  

When I was growing up, I had a bike that I adored.  I would bike most places.. until I was 12 and was in a horrid accident where I was hit by a 4×4 truck going a little too fast (it was still my fault:  I came out of a one way lane way without stopping.  I, in no way blame the driver, I’m well aware that I was the one at fault).  Thankfully, I had a helmet on, but it was still pretty bad.  Road rash on the face, broken arm in 3 places, concussion.  It was terrible and when they removed my helmet at the hospital, it came off in two pieces.  After that, it took me quite a long time to get back on a bike.  And even to this day, I will not ride a bike on the road.  Trails:  good.  Roads with cars:  didn’t work out so good the last time.  I am sure that my exercising slowed down around that time and I started to put weight on.  I might have still been a chunky girl, but I think it may have happened a little later in life if I wasn’t so terrified to get on a bike or even of crossing the street for fear of being hit again.  

Besides the point.

I trusted Cody to teach me the ins and outs of Rollerblading.  I had visions of picking up the sport with ease.  We were going by the water and my apparent fantasy was that Cody and I would be holding hands while we chatted and laughed while whirling by people on the trails.  I’d look cute in my capris and favorite skull shirt, my hair in a “casual” ponytail.  Cody – he’s always looking good, so I didn’t really focus too much on what he looked like in my fantasy.

So we went to the trail.  Everything seemed pretty flat – no bumps, pot holes, or rocks.  Cool.  I sat down, strapped on the Rollerblades and started to skate.  Hmmm – a little more awkward than I thought, but not too bad.  I went a little further, Cody skated ahead a bit and then BAM.  I was on my ass.  Actually, on my knee to be more accurate.  

As I was falling – things slowed down.  I thought “Oh shit.  I’ve literally been on these things for 3 minutes.”.  I then acknowledged that there was an older couple walking on the trail towards us.  Then I was on the ground.  Nothing was hurting, but I wanted to cry because my ego was bruised  but I laughed instead.  Cody poured some water on the wounds (yes, plural) and the couple reached us and asked if I needed help up (do I really look that chunky?  I am able to lift myself from a sitting position without assistance, thank you.).  I wasn’t bleeding, so I just got up and continued on.  

My dreams were dashed.  I know it wasn’t a graceful fall.  My capris had blood on them.  I don’t exercise… ever… and I was sweating within 20 minutes of being on the skates.  We stopped so I could use the bathroom*, and I noticed that my ponytail wasn’t looking so good – I had flyaway’s all over the place.  My makeup was good though.  Cody, however, looked fantastic.  He fell right back into his old skating ways.  He was so comfortable and at ease, and that, my friends is sexy.  And he took care of me – what girl doesn’t like that?

I continued on.  We skated for a while and went much further than I thought we would.  I did have fun, too.  My scrapes are a little worse than I originally thought, but I think I’ll make it.  My only regret:  I knew I should have bought the knee pads.


I’m getting a lot of sympathy from Cody… and every person I pass on the street.

“Perseverance is falling 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” — Julie Andrews

I sincerely hope that it doesn’t take me that long to learn to use these bad boys.  I would like to wear a dress at some point this summer without having to explain how I got so banged up.


Have fun, friends.




* After using the “facilities” by the lake, I understand why some people might opt to piss in the lake.  The toilet paper was on the floor.  No, not some jackass being a jackass and unravelling or leaving pieces on the floor… The roll of the toilet paper was on the floor, and that’s where it was for you to obtain your portion from.  Also, there were no locks on the door.  So, while hovering, I had to hold the door closed and attempt at not missing the pot.  Almost as painful as my injury.

Oh, Hi There!

I’m still here!

I’m still trying to lose weight!  In fact, I’ve purchased some Rollerblades to help get me more active.  I actually never liked going for walks, for some reason.  I can walk somewhere if there is a destination in mind or if I’m lacking a car.  But a leisurely stroll?  No thanks.   Add wheels:  this could be fun!

I’m probably going to fall on my ass.  Maybe hurt my wrist.  I’m a 29 year old woman trying to learn how to skate… again.  It’s going to be ridiculous.  And I’m so looking forward to it!

Normally, I’d put a cute or inspiring little quote here, but finding something pertaining to exercise and fun was hard.  It was all Katy Perry quotes, and I just refuse to add that to my blog.

Be happy, healthy, and safe, friends.



“Little” Engine That Could

I’ve been steadily losing weight.  I’m down about 10 pounds since my first appointment with Dr. Poon, which I’m happy and impressed with.  Every now and then I’d turn the Wii on and play Sport Resort or Just Dance.  I’ve even occasionally done push-ups  crunches, planks, and squats (OK, well that happened once.  But I want to avoid/lose the bat wings, so I’ll keep this one up.  In fact – I’ll do them as soon as I’m finished with blogging for the day.)  All in all though, I haven’t done that much exercise; this weight loss has been pretty much diet alone.

And then my weight creeped up half a pound.  Which isn’t terrible – but not supposed to happen. So I’ve obviously messed something up somewhere.  I have an idea – and it lies with the “Poon-friendly Breakfast Muffins” my husband made.  Bless his big heart, he has been so supportive and accommodating with this lifestyle adjustment.  

The day before my birthday, I had complained that I knew I was going to feel deprived on my birthday.  I didn’t want to cheat – but I felt like I might be a little doomed if I didn’t do something.  On the morning of my birthday, Cody woke me up and tried to get me to come out of hibernation (I’m the worst morning-person.  Ever.).  After about 15 minutes of “Wake up, birthday girl” and “It’s your birthday – you have to move”, I cracked an eye and asked him what “that smell” was.  As my first surprise of the day, Cody had gotten up at 5AM (safe from me interrupting that surprise, let me tell you) and baked muffins that I’d be able to eat for breakfast.  He used Coconut flour and ground flax… some other stuff I’m sure, but I don’t really know what.  He’d found a recipe for Poon-y Muffins and just substituted the Soy flour with Coconut flour – which, as it turns out cannot substitute in a 1:1 fashion… if that makes any sense.  They didn’t rise, they’re really dense, and the first bite took some getting used to, but after a while they grow on you.  Mainly because it’s flour, I’m guessing.  Cody told me that the nutritional info for the Coconut flour was better than the Soy flour and that they would be fine.  Since then, I’ve checked those nutritional facts and Cody was wrong.  I don’t think they’re that bad, but I’m not entirely convinced that the good doctor would approve after all.  

Do I think that these muffins alone has caused the dramatic weightloss to slow down?  No, I think I’ve found ways around only eating meat and veggies.  That lactose-free cheese?  Much better when melted (sort of like a cheese cracker – which I’m craving something awful).  Eat leafy greens?  How about mushrooms instead – they’re healthy too.  Also, breakfast is, and continues, to be a bitch and I’ve worked around it by eating bacon way more often than I should.  I tell myself it’s not that bad because I limit the amount, only eat Turkey or reduced fat/salt bacon, and add mushrooms on the side.  

I have my follow-up appointment this weekend.  I will be kicking this diet up a notch and being very strict with what I’m eating again.  I’ll be getting active again.  Again, the weight loss didn’t stop – it was halted momentarily and slowed down.  It does not help to weigh myself almost every day.  I didn’t even realize I’d lost 9 pounds because I was seeing it 0.8kg at a time – which means nothing to the math-challenged woman that I am.

On another good note – my sugars are being stabilized in the 5s now!  A first for me. I have a feeling I’ll be coming off of one of my Metformin tablets.  Instead of 2 in the morning and 2 at night, I am thinking I’ll be taking one with each meal.  If this happens, I’ll be ecstatic!  Even still, being off the Diamicron was a huge accomplishment for me.

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.  Which one are you?” – Henry Ford

I can!





P.S.  Cody also surpised me with a decorated house, which took a few minutes to take in at 6ish in the morning.  And I did end up cheating – I had a (very mini) mini cupcake, which was about 100 calories and I don’t know how many carbs.  I did it, and I’m not proud – but I’m also not beating myself up about it either.